Traffic cases? Why, one might ask, would Mark do those kinds of cases, after all, “they are just traffic cases…” Right? Wrong, and here’s why…

Most lawyers don’t want to have anything to do with traffic court. Try calling a few, most will decline, and most will send you to Mark! Why? Because he, unlike most others, will represent people charged with traffic violations. While it is true that people do not go to jail for a traffic violation, that is not to say that these offenses aren’t very important to some drivers. People who drive for a living, like taxi drivers, school bus drivers, self-employed landscapers or construction¬†workers, truck drivers, drivers who need a CDL, all these people have jobs that they need a valid license to do. Lose the license, lose the job. Many employers won’t be able to keep a driver on who has a certain kind of ticket on their record, or too may tickets, because they are not insurable. All these people might benefit from being represented by Mark on a traffic ticket, as well as just “regular” license holders, everyday folks, whose insurance premiums may rise if a certain charge ends up on their driving record.

Mark has appeared in thousands of traffic court cases. He believes people sometimes need representation on these tickets, and because too many lawyers are unwilling to go anywhere near a traffic court, he has, and will continue to represent people on their traffic charges if they feel its in their best interest to hire him to represent them. Mark is always happy to chat with you about your ticket and offer his advice, so you can decide if it is in your best interest to hire Mark to represent you.