Family, business, tax, civil, personal injury, and most other types of lawyers sit at a fancy desk in a fancy large high rise downtown, with a fancy conference room everyday of their professional lives. They drive into work, sit at their desk, and then at the end of the day, drive home. Such is not the life of a self-employed criminal trial lawyer like Mark. Most criminal defense lawyers are self-employed, very few are part of those big-firm types, who mostly represent large companies. Mark had an office downtown by the courthouse, then in NW Portland, for years, but when the 2 children left the nest, the Gorski home in NE Portland had 2 extra rooms, so, Mark moved the office home to one of those now empty rooms, and his wife Lynda took the other room as her office as Mark’s office manager, assistant, paralegal, secretary, etc, etc. Truly a “mom and pop” business these past 15 years, working at home has many advantages, some of which are beneficial to the client as well. Parking here is easier than downtown, we have a driveway. Mark’s fees are lower than many of his peers of equal experience and skill, because he works at home. The view from here is also much better than most downtown – Mark’s home office has windows looking right out at the South channel of the Columbia river and Government Island – not a bad view when seeing a lawyer.

But Mark doesn’t sit at his desk all day long either, in actuality, his car is as much an office to him in his practice as is his home office. Technology today allows Mark to have all his file and client information with him at all times in his phone, and assorted computer-type equipment. Mark’s practice is on the go – often having to travel to 2 or 3 different courthouses in the same day, so Mark most be capable of staying in touch with his clients, which he does effortlessly, again, with the help of technology. It used to be that a lawyer would need to go to the law library to do research on legal issues, often spending hours in there. Now, this is all possible on a phone, an IPAD, or a laptop computer. This saves time, which in turn of course benefits clients.

Mark will, and has, when appropriate, meet clients at places other than his office, out of convenience to the client, if necessary, in the appropriate case. Mark’s practice , while centered here in the Portland metro area, has taken him from eastern Oregon to Southern Oregon, and all points in between, that’s because Mark is an Oregon criminal trial lawyer. Some seem to think that

they are best served hiring a lawyer with an office right down the street from the court is the best choice, but Mark disagrees with that belief. Sometimes, having a little distance between your lawyer and the DA and the judges is better for the client in the long run. Mark has been at this long enough to have developed a reputation in most counties here in Oregon – most DA’s, most judges, know Mark, and his reputation as a trial lawyer, who brings experience, professionalism, and skill to the courtroom when representing each and every client.

Skill as a courtroom lawyer develops overtime and requires hard work. Reputation, skill and experience are the most important tools a criminal trial lawyer has to work with in representing clients, regardless of where the court is in this State. Mark has worked hard at developing these skills for many years, in many courtrooms, in many different kinds of cases. If you need a criminal/traffic lawyer, call him, talk to him, and then you can decide if he is the warrior, the trial dog, you want fighting for you.