Experience you can trust

Being a courtroom lawyer for years allows the building of relationships with investigators, experts in many fields, and other professionals.  These relationships, which Mark has built over 25 years, are of great benefit to each client’s case.   These are important factors to consider when you only have “one call” to make.

“Mark Gorski is a TRIAL WARRIOR! He’s the “Mohamed Ali” of the Courtroom!” – Jeff 2015

No case is too small to ignore, no case is too big to resolve.

Your situation is important now, and for the future.  There are consequences of having even a minor criminal record in some circumstances.  Insurance rates, your job, travel plans, immigration or work abroad, fines, fees, inconvenient requirements take a toll and can affect not only you, but those close to you.  If you have any question at all about what an allegation of committing a crime will do to your future, call me for a free confidential consultation.