Mark was born in Utica, NY, the 3d of 4 sons, the only Gorski boy who was crazy enough to leave upstate New York and head to law school in Washington, DC. He moved to Tennessee, took the bar, practiced law there a few years, and then moved to Oregon, where he has been practicing law since 1991.

Mark has been a teacher of law, a manager/teacher at Lewis and Clark law school, a seminar presenter, written chapters for criminal law books, and has been in private practice these past 25 plus years. His practice is dedicated to criminal law and traffic cases. The criminal law experience is as varied as the creativity of the legislature is at creating new criminal laws each year, and includes everything from property crimes, like hit and runs and arsons, to person crimes, like sex abuse cases and assaults, and everything in between, like DUII’s, which have become kind of focus of Mark’s work over the years. DUII’s – always different, always changing, always the focus of attention every legislative session, they are very different than most other crimes, and probably one of the most “popular” in terms of the attention they get in Salem, the media, and with cops. Every case may seem similar yet every case hinges on details that make each one so very different, and while many know people who have been arrested for a DUII before, how that person decided to handle their case should in no way guide another in theirs. The ever-changing laws, and the high profile make-no-deals approach that prosecutors take on these DUII’s, are the reasons why you should speak to Mark about hiring him to represent you and guide you through the case and have him, not others, advise you on what is best for you, in your case, so you can make the right choice for the right reason. Remember, anyone can become a lawyer, but a courtroom lawyer – a trial lawyer – that is a very different animal. Mark is known as “moose” to many, but in a courtroom, the moose becomes a “trial dog” willing to fight with a foot already in the grave, and not fear the enemy, and yet keep all options open, and make the best tactical moves he can to achieve the best result for that the client he represents, one battle at a time.